Friday, November 2, 2007

Once upon a walk.....

Hey there!
Well im feeling much better now .. thanks for all the encouraging comments .. gws sim!!! insomma yesterday me and Annabelle decided to go 4 a nice walk all the way to sliema it was fun .. naqa girl talk shhhh.. hehe we laughed so much ... a quater of the walk we had dis swt dog walking behind us .. which bdw Annabelle was terrified of.. she was screamin .. miskina .. den after half an hr she got used it .. we kept him company .. by telling him abt our problems .. hehe .. gd doggy blacky (or as an says "mcblacky" it shows we watch to much greys lol ) somma .. we felt really sry for him cos like after dis walk wer not gna take him home .. so soon after he saw a girl jogging he ran after her .. so we wer relived! We got to joke around .. twas fun cnt wait to do it again! Lol cnt not mention dis .. der was dis guy dat Annabelle knew through a friend whom she thought was "mc cutey!" lol ok enough wid d mc's lofl i promise ill stop .. we saw him on his nice boat .. fabulous boat .. somma we continued walking... den wen we got to the waterfront we decided to turn back ... d good thing is dat wen we woke up the next day we didnt get fatigue . shows how fit we r :P eh ann? just came bk from community .. twas about healing very interesting and amazing healing !!! XD next weekend the youth weekend cant wait!!! so happy !! Expecting gr8 things.. wat a blast!! anyways .. im off for some sleep .. since ive worked so much 2day eh char!!! im so exhausted :P typing on msn all day so tough! lol cu all gbu x x x x x x x

And away i go ...*echo*

Thales <------- Happy drew???

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