Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yeah.... im bored... and yet... STRESSED!

Hey guys long time no blog!

Well its almost the end of summer ... im sorry i havent blogged much lately but with work and all... its been stressful ... ! Anyways soon its back to school and face to the books oh the joy! weekend not much we ended up at mustard seed yesterday was very nice i must say the best bit was Matt's food tasting .... hey matt..... "ONIONSSS!!!!" (hehe chew on it .... its Cod liver oil hehehe) sorry Matt was too funny to leave out! then we went off to pv the 6 of us (Ang, la, van ,sim, matt and moi!) ended up speakin about past relationships hehe too funny till 2.30 am ... was knackered then me ang van and sim went off to work at 9am .... till 8 was a long day considering i could not sleep in those four hours given too me... thats life i guess!!

Next week off to Gozo for the weekend for an improvised outreach so lets all keep that in prayer and healing service!!!! "GREATER THINGS ARE YET TO COME!!! " can i hear an Amen????

Anyways tomorrow its off to dezzy for her farewell!! Oh man im gna miss you so much!!! But we all know its what you want therefore were behind you all the way .... cannot believe its finally come :( !!! Less then a week *sobs*.........

And with thats i leave you with a video ... hope you like it ... comments would be great .... *smiles sweetly and flickers eyelids* ANd yes i was bored !!!




mike_BM said...

nice one G!

lara said...

howcome u havn't blogged in so long hun ... wers the dr.juice :P
love ya, cya soon xxx