Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smell the life!!!

Gosh its been a while, last time I had blogged had been in september ....

Well lemme update you on some things.... hmm... well Gozo was amazing of wat i can remember ... hehe. We just had an awesome weekend in the presence of God!!! Scream- a great thanks to all who organied and helpes so much ... dunno wat we would do without ya!

Oh something thats really got me on the edge of my seat...... ive joined filming team!!! Yep im the first girl! *glee* thanks to Joni ... and the rest of the guys who accepted me into such an amazing team ... Guys you have got to hand it to them it is such hard work .. you have to be so dedicated! They put so much time and effort to make us happy! I've seen the evoultion and making of the outreach dvd .. and I must say you will not be disapointed!!! Ah the patience lol doug and sim took hehe so sorry if i drove you mad!

Anyways have been having such a great week ... spent the day with Pete ... after school came ova then we went for a walk in the woods .... it was such an amazing sight ... it was raining lightly .. sun still seen shining under the clouds ... the trees ... its amazing and I think ... what an awesome God we have!!!! :D In all my years living here i never had the guts to spent into the grass and tress on my own .. hehe we went running in the rain was so much fun and sooooo... random stayed for a chat twas nice! Wish i had the camera .... ah well!!

Must say though feeling the pressure of it all .. school and all ... soon A's .... smell the fear!!! Lool!

Anyways im off hopefully will blog asap!!! :D

Have a great weekend x x x x x


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Simon said... is hard work...and I'de like to say "you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into..:P
but glad to have you onboard"
it was getting rather dusty :P