Sunday, December 14, 2008

Campfires burning!!

How y'all doin???? Well its getting really cold now ... means almost Christmas ... yeah!!! Today last week we were freezing in the middle of buskett.. with nothing on top of us but the clear sky! Was an amazing three days guys reslly enjoyed it and we must go again .. hehe with the dogs especially... bet mike would be happy about that.. but truly it was an great experience getting to know one another in Gods masterpiece... Missed it so much!!
First night was'nt too bad it began getting cold after it rained during the night ... hehe and i guess it stayed like that throughout the three days. Trying to keep warm near the fire, the dirt loool .. just the way we like it hehe ux guys!!!! A big big BIG thanks to Jonny for all the effort and organising he put into it.... dude great job ;) lool Anyways ... after that i had become deathly ill ... for the next three days .. and still recovering from a really bad crocky voice ( so bad i sounded like a dying cat when it came to singing... hahaha, the poor people who were near me !!) now thank God im recovering .. though i might have given it to Dugi during editing .. hehe just kidding .. gws dude! ;) nothing much really to say .. exams soon finished sytems and bio next oh the joy :S
Then holidays !!! Thank you Lord .... a well deserved break! Oh yeah a shout out to dez who arrived on friday from Spain! Hehe welcome back, we missed ya ... i know Luke did!!! :P
Anywhose im off to continue some molecular genetics .... why me?!?!??
Gbu all have a great week ...
Love G!
x x x x x
P.s. Please excuse the lack of photos .. my battery for some reason ran out on the first night ... stupid camera... hehe XD


Anonymous said...

Buskett is man made!

Simon said...

oh yeah Men know what makes trees grow live and they designed them too i bet, and of course man has been making birds since the dawn of time.
yeah Sar it was a fantastic time in Gods creation