Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Commencing Panick Sequence!

Hey, the sudden inspirations of writing blogs, has longed me to write a random log!

So... its been a long time, though please excuse me, the only reason for such an act is due to the fact that I'm sitting here alone in the libary and just got bored with writing my assgiment.. (uuu bad ass!). Well next Monday mocks begin, and yes, I'm panicking, not that " oh no- in an I-don't feel-like kind of way" but the "Holy-ma'sugar-nuts-how-will-I-ever-manage-to-do-so-much-in-a-matter-of-a few-weeks..!!! kinda way" I mean I began all of my subjects, it the whole force of continuing such a stage, and you know what... its killing me sooo much! *gulp* I really wanna go to uni! Yikes!!! To make matters worse on the 28th of April 2009, (thats my birthday for those who didnt know!) at 9am, yes 9 AM, I have the courtesy of joining students around Malta to sit for an Alevel examination in Sociology!!!

Anywhose, like simon porsted earlier on filming soon starts! And im really hyped up about it! Last weekend I filmed for the very first time at the Healing Service! Thanks goes to Joni, Xmun and Dugi who have helped me emensly within these past few months, *laughs* though i must say the whole XLR process was too funny!

A great big HI to Krissie and Dezz, who are sadly away from us in a far away land! Hope you guys are doing well! We miss you loads!!! Anywhose I shall leave you! See you! God bless!!

Love G!

Over and Out!!!

x x x x


Simon said...

hey G...
I was expecting you to blog as soon as everyone're not original G...just following the trends :P

Sarah said...

yeh i know but stupid comp wouldnt let me on facebook or msn... (of school ) Loool Cu in another month oh dear blog of mine!!!


Anonymous said...

pupaaa!!! just saw ur swt mention to me in ur blog...oh so swt she is this G of mine (remembers me wen me im gone hehe):P
xxxxxxxxxx mwa im on ur same island for a few more hours...
luv u G!
tihihi ;)

Krissie said...

Hehe same here, I just read this now :) I am writing post-surprise (muahahaha) so at least I got to see for two weeks!! See you in July my lovely :)
God bless you, and take care of you :)
Krissieeeeee Xxxxxx