Monday, April 13, 2009

But Really.... Who Am I?

Who am I....??

I know its been a long time... but I do think that at this point in time it is the only way i could vent all my feelings.... I really dunno what's up with me really... im feeling really confused... I'm scared.... I'm scared of my decisions... scared that all that i do might not only affect me negatively but those around me too... its the last thing I'd ever think of doing...!!! Too much things in my head... I'm scared..!!!! I'm scared im changing infront of my very own eyes...! Who am I?? How can i fix such things??? 

Think Sarah .... Think..... Gaaaaaahhh!!!! To much studies tooo much work.... goonnna have a breakdown..... I can feel it!!! Just once I'd like to have some control!! Why does life have to be so complicated???? Lord please help me in this time of need!!! 

Blessings to all! 


1 comment:

nessa said...

Let God show you who you are...God can give you peace sar. Trust in Him :)