Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey guys i know its a bit late ... but i just wanted 2 say .. dat ur all d best thing dat God has ever done in my life!! God Bless every single one of you ... i thank u all 4 all ur impecable and everlasting love!! I was praying and hekk i was saying 2 myself how lucky i am .. 2 have ppl like you in my life!!! i mean before commuinity i was always in a rough patch wid ppl i must be honest ... but waiting for friends like u was worth it! I love spending every single minute wid u guys!!! Never change! i knw it might sound corny .. but its true !! hehe :$

Neways im off gbu all!!!

x x x x x x x


Simon said...

oh sarah, you're vry special to us too, you're a great friend and I know we can always rely on you when in need...along those lines...I need the photos of Tue :P GBU Sarah

Charlene said...

sarah you're a blessing to us too!! ur a very precious girl who we all love and cherish in our hearts!! ur a great girl..if only u could let urself out more and show the world the Sarah Giusti we know!!
Love you pupa