Friday, August 24, 2007

Im Hit!!!! Man Down Man Down !!!

Hey guys how are u ?

Well i know that most of u are bruised esp mark .. who got hit several times by the girls! We split up into two teams Blue which had Olive, Pedro, Simon, Miguel, Van,Lou and Des.. and then the yellow team WINNERS which had Mike, Mark, Matt, Chris, Luca, Richard, Rache nd me!! I really enjoyed it was so funny... at one point in time we hit Pedro nd der is a rule once ur hit u come up and raise ur gun and ur team colour so as he did dat everyone kept on shooting u can hear him swearing in d distance! So as i was saying thanks 2 Mark we ended up wining earning us a nice 170 points whereas the other team scored 160! WOOOHOOO!!! Oh it was 3 hrs of glorious fun .. wish 2 dat again .. pity not all of us went! Anyways hope we end up doin something 2moro.. not really sure though! Anyways im off!

Gbu all tc x x x



Anonymous said...


illallu dat was just super! each person who came was just amazin... no vengeance targets at all.

thanks a mill to Luca who organised it!=)
Sry pupa if it was me who bruised u! :S i dnt knw!
Love u lowdz!
Dezz =) xxxxxxxx

Simon said...

the photo of the score board was just about rubbing it was a fun day ALL TOGETHER :p no teams...Wuv u Sarah :)
for a more thrilling point of view of the day check out


Jonathan said...

looks like u guys had fun - so sarah, how many times did u get shot out, er, bruised? :) :) did they shoot u more when u wer walking out? i know i would'ave! :) x