Thursday, August 16, 2007

I need to take a chill pill..!!

hey there...

Well yesterday was quite a frustrating day .. in the morning we ended up 5 girls swimming ppl ended up canceling on us ... imma insomma it was nice we wer me char her sis me nd lisa (my sis) .. van came 4 abit swam a little went 2 micky d's (mc donalds 4 those of u who dnt knw wat it means ...) but it was nice ... den in d evening we went 2 footloose nd fuego 2 let off some steam ended up quite fun wid sim, ang, mark, steve, des nd annabelle it was quite an interesting nite i learnt something quite simple yet meaningful ..

Im so shocked at teenagers today i was baffaled @ d way ppl dance .. at one point in time der was a girl on d pole .. d men wer all looking up @ her den annabelle nd steve started dancing (amazingly mite i add ... prosit guys ;) ) nd ppl starting staring nd taking photos of dem so dis girl as soon as ppl started 2 focus on dem left .. so u can call it sort of evangelising ur having a gd clean time der is no need for all those moves .... but it was an amazing nite ..

Oh yes Angies FINALLY BK!!! Welcome back swt we missed u loads x x x

anyways im off cu

gbu x x xSarah

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