Sunday, September 16, 2007

SURPRISE .... Take Two!

"Uwejja Guys ... ur not serious" .... "no im not letting u in .. ur scaring me !" Hehe dezzy we laughed so much behind the door .. ! Happy Bday Dezz .. 2day its official that 19 yrs ago 2day God has made one of the sweetest girls i've ever met .. and i think u can all agree on dat! Well 2day was an extra surprise .. we rented a limo .. to pick us up .. den to pick up dezz.. so me and van ended up running all d way 2 her house in heeels.. it was so funny she was so scared dat she didnt want to open 4 us ... we had 2 convince her... hehe ... but all-in-all it went super fab ..! us screaming galore! Lol before all dis me ang and van wer waiting @ d bus stop and these two girls wer looking at us .. (it was like dey wer abt to rape us LOFL!) she starting banging .. her feet right near me nd van .. Ma wat salvaggi dey wer nd wer all ignoring dem .. it was hilarious .. den wid d limo we passed dem again nd wer screaming out d window it was so funny!! insomma pls excuse me for not posting much photos but my camera died .. :@ just my luck but thank God Dezz .. had her cam :) she saved d day!!! now ill post dem 2moro .. of the whole evening! More gd news .. LARA came bk ! :) :) :) Missed ya loads! cnt wait 2 cya mwa x x x sry abt dat..! Cnt wait 4 2moro we have d treasure hunt :D we r so gna WIN!!!! GO Ham and Cheese!!! :D

Neways im off cos my mum wants me off the comp :@

Cu all 2moro Gbu all!

The two sarahs nd van ..
( i came so horrible in this photo)

Sas, Rache , Char nd Angie!

Lou, Krissy, An nd Vanny xx x

Us @ the Phonecia! WHITE LIMO!!


Simon said...

yar limo....
what the hell did u expect me to do wen u all screamed my name?
go into an extatic fit...NO!
i waved, and you're lucky i got that

Anonymous said...

WAT A NITE!- thats all i can say...actually no i can say much more i just dont have the time hehe. anyways i think this was one of the best nites this summer- we have to do it again some other time!
bdw sar thanks for always keeping us updated with your blog-especially with the pics ;) love you loads. & for the last time HAPPY BDAY DEZZZ!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ...lulu...

Anonymous said...

my swt swt pupi!!!!

Omg dat waz d best bday ever!!!
A blast of a weekend!
Thanku soo soo much for organizing such a perfect bday 4me!
I rlly dnt deserve all this! U spoilt me rotten guys!!! hehehe
May God bless u a million fold 4all d trouble u went tru!!

I love u 2bits!
=)=) Dezz =)=)